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Since its beginning, SeqHub Analytics has been a team of highly-qualified data scientists dedicated to serving our clients.

SeqHub Analytics was started to bridge the gap between genomic research labs who lacked the expertise to analyze data and qualified data scientists looking for interesting genomic projects. Our vision was to connect data scientists with those who wanted to solve problems with their data. Eventually, this venture became a fully-staffed consulting company dedicated to serving the data needs of businesses and research laboratories.


Our team has extensive experience in artificial intelligence modeling, predictive analytics, and statistical and machine learning techniques.


Through interdisciplinary collaboration with domain experts, we help our clients to identify the key questions they must consider in crafting a data strategy for their business. Then we provide them with innovative data science analysis and modeling of objectives targeted at their key business outcomes.


Our vision is to provide innovative data science solutions and strategies to our clients – from research labs to businesses that need a dependable team to help optimize their decisions and operations.

We hope to serve you in the future.

-Taiwo and Kelly

Taiwo Togun
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Kelly Stanton
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