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At SeqHub, all of our clients are our partners. We depend on your domain expertise and experience to inform our process.



Machine learning cloud service used for event planning pricing decisions, integrating customer data  from multiple sources, including public search engines, and historical data (Madison, CT).

Equitable pricing models for a chauffeur service using location, time, and route (Fairfield, CT).


Finance / Economics

Applied insights from behavioral economics to predict behavior and brain activity relevant to decision-making in multiple Yale University research studies  (New Haven, CT).

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Developed data analysis strategy for a Yale University lab investigating the role of HERV in DeNovo Auto Immune Hepatitis (New Haven, CT).


AI in Education

Harnessed the power of AI and ML to build a conversational agent that streamlines student report retrieval and synthesis, highlights crucial insights, and encourages educators to chronicle student progress through intuitive interactions. With features like sentiment analysis, we facilitated a deeper understanding of students, aiding educators to tailor experiences and enhance the overall learning journey.

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